Cross Wall City

Cross Wall City is the largest city in the shadow of the Dry Wall. It has a permanent population of about enter number here with thousands of traders passing through each month.
Major trade goods are:


*Carved marble
*Carved sandstone
*Carved bone
*Carved jade
*Carved tortise shell
*faceted and raw gems


*Finished products


The people wear loose linen or silk pants and shirts tied in several places with cords. Most wear brown, white, tan, or grey, The more affluent prefer blacks, reds, yellows, and oranges. Only magi (spell casters of all kinds)are allowed purple, green, or blue clothing depending on discipline. All
Related information:
The city sits at the base of the Dry Wall, it sprawls along the wall for several miles. Exactly one mile away, running parallel to the wall is a deep gorge created by quar

Cross Wall City

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